About Katie



Katie is a trained Level IV Seimei practitioner.  Her training took place in America and Japan, where she received the Awarding of Power Ceremony at the Houjyushu Houjyukai Temple in the Seimei headquarters, Saga, Japan. As a member of the Board of Directors and the Event Coordinator of the Seimei Foundation USA, Katie keeps herself very involved with the Seimei community. Katie has a private practice, “Seimei Healing”, located in Westwood, NJ, where she works with her clients, both in-person and long-distance. She also offers Seimei demonstrations and workshops for her clients, organizations, and corporations. Katie also continues to increase her knowledge of Seimei through classes and workshops held at the Seimei Foundation.

A mother of three girls, Katie, led her family through a difficult six-year journey when her eldest daughter, Elizabeth was diagnosed with cancer. Inspired by her daughter’s quiet, gentle way of dealing with her cancer, she became passionate about helping children with cancer.  When Elizabeth became her angel on March 10, 2013, an unexpected opportunity opened up giving her a way to honor her angel.  Katie began her journey, to becoming a Seimei practitioner. Her dedication to youth is evident in other ways as she volunteers with  Junior Achievement USA, teaching financial literacy, job readiness and, entrepreneurship skills.